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About Fae

About Fae

Fae was challenged to read through the Bible and found it to be such a blessing in her everyday life that she has now read the Bible from cover to cover more than 30 times.  


She is a graduate of Grace University, having a dual degree in Management and Biblical Studies.  One of her professors pointed out to her that she is good at applying the Scriptures to everyday life and that is how “Faithful Promises of God” came about.  


Fae wrote this book while on the mission field in Tobago where she volunteered at a government school, working with children who struggle. Her first book, “Faithful Hope” is also a devotional but written totally different and designed to help those who are in painful situations.  


Fae was a journalist and photographer when she was in the Women’s Army Corp (WAC), upon graduating from high school. Fae now resides in Nebraska to be closer to family and friends.  She has three children, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren, which keep her busy.  And, she continues to write.

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Faithful Promises of God

Guidance for Today's Living

Deeply rooted in spiritual truths, challenging, and yet relatable to your life.


These daily devotions will nourish your soul, strengthen your
faith, and light the path for each day. Fae Dunn beautifully
weaves her life experiences from her missionary work and her
extraordinary faith in God with essential scriptures to feed your
love and trust in the Lord.


Fae has carefully selected passages, prayers, and scriptures to
coincide with your journey to a better relationship with God
and with those around you. Today’s news is full of strife, discord
and bad news – however, the daily entries in Faithful Promises
of God shine light on what is good in the world, challenge you
to find healing and strength, and show you how you can bring
love and unity to those you hold dear.

Forty Days. Noah was in the ark for 40 days. Moses was on the mountain for 40 days. Jesus fasted for 40 days. And now you are embarking on your own 40 day journey of renewal in your life. Whether you need physical or emotional restoration, Fae Dunn shares her personal accounts as well as other examples that will encourage you. Faithful Hope is a voyage that points you in the direction of complete healing, the Bible.

Faithful Hope

40 Day Devotional for hurting people

Faithful Journey to Serve
A Memoir

Fae made her first missionary trip to Moscow, Russia, in 2006 to work at Hinkson Christian Academy while the resident Educational Therapist came back to the states for one semester. In 2014, Fae went to the island of Tobago to work with the children who struggle at the government school. She was there for almost three years. Since these two trips, she has told endless stories of how God moved on the mission fields. Faithful Journey to Serve is a sampling of some of the adventures that Fae experienced.

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