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It’s That Time of Year

I don’t know about you but I have been super busy, not sure if I am coming or going. Last January I came up with an idea—to scan my paintings and then make notecards to sell. Sounds easy enough but it has been anything but easy. Now, to all you computer wizards, I am sure you are wondering ‘how can that be such a hard task?’

I am anything but a computer wizard so it was indeed difficult for me. I started immediately working on making these cards. Failure at every print! I even gave up for a while. But the end of October, I took the challenge once more. For over a month now, I have been trying to merge my picture onto a template. In my frustration, I gave up and started printing the pictures on a plain piece of paper and gluing them onto the cards. I figured I was going to call it good.

One last thing, I’d put out a plea to anyone who would listen to my predicament and of course, people don’t call or talk face to face so we went back and forth in text messages. I don’t speak computer language so much of the time, I wasn’t sure what they were asking. That is, until Wednesday, when my wonderful daughter (and very smart, I might add) sent me a text asking for one of my paintings. I emailed her one and she started playing around (that’s how she explains it) and within a short time, she had it! So, she emailed the finished product back to me, minus the printing…I have the art printer (or whatever it’s called).

We went step by step and before long I had my first notecard that I was satisfied with. We continued to tweak it until we both liked the finish product and did a “save as”. One painting is now a notecard. Just so you understand, I used to give all my little card paintings away but I was sure that very few people valued all the hours I put into painting it so I had decided to come up with these prints.

Are you ready for this? So, Dawn said I needed to take another painting (that’s scanned into the computer) and make another notecard. She was watching me from her home on Team Viewer or something like that. We went step by step and when I tried to merge the painting onto the template, it did the same thing that it had been doing for me. Dawn was shocked…but she’s a smart cookie and a good trouble shooter. Since she was able to maneuver this task from her end, she figured out that my mouse is misbehaving. She is bringing me a different mouse and now I will have notecards to sell along with my books.

This fall I have gone to a few craft fairs along with a couple of book signings and have been happy to be selling more books than ever before. I would say I am not good at marketing my own products so this has been a learning journey! At one point I was finally in the black until I realized that I needed to order more books so back in the red once again. I am very excited to introduce the cards either at the next book signing or at a craft fair.

If any of you are interested in either buying books or cards, please get in touch with me through my email (manager@afaeoriginal). I can mail products but postage is about $6 for one book or four cards. I am sure we can figure something out.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but I thought you would like to know all the glamour that goes with being a writer and painter. Now that’s funny! I realize that the things I say aren’t always as funny as I think they are.

I have totally enjoyed meeting new people at the craft fairs and look forward to seeing you all soon! May God watch over you as He gives you His rich love and joy!

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